Be a Better Blogger Challenge ~ September

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So for this month’s challenge, we are supposed to create a backlog of blog posts/reviews. I certainly have lots of reviews I can backlog for a rainy day but to backlog a blog post is a little more difficult. The hardest part: trying to do all of these this month. This may shrink, or I will have to give up an entire weekend just to blog. Right now is probably the perfect time since we are headed into video game season (AKA Fall) soon and I might need these posts then. Especially once Assassin’s Creed, a new Witcher 3 DLC and Fallout 4 comes out. I see many an hour in front of my TV. So without further ado, check out my thoughts below. Are there any that peek your interest and feels like something you want to read? Let me know and I might just bump it up.

Backlog of Reviews
~ The Charley Davidson Series
~ Anything Cynthia Eden (I love her books so why haven’t I reviewed)
~ The Will by Kristen Ashley
~ The Harry Potter Series

Backlog Blog Posts
~ How to be a Great TA
~ How to Survive as a Tourist in NY AKA What not to do
~ NanoWriMo
~ Gaming Glitches & Why We Shouldn’t Tolerate Them
~ How to Survive a $hitty Job
~ Things That Have Really Happened to Me but No One Would Believe
~ Why I Swear and so do the Smurfs
~ Monthly Review Goals/Upcoming Reviews


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