Games. My other passion. Whether it’s trying for as many head shots in GTAV, flying around as Wonder Woman in Lego Batman 3, fighting Ganondorf, performing spells as Cartman, or killing dragons in Skyrim, I love them. So this being another very big love of mine, there was no way I couldn’t dedicate a section in my page to it. I’m a huge fan of games that are story driven. The deeper the story, the longer the game, the more likely I’m going to be playing. I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve dedicated to Skyrim alone. If dragons ever attack NY, I figure I’ve got a shot at surviving as long as I can get some ebony ingots and daedric hearts. Just as easily as I can get sucked into a great book, a great game does the same to me.

So here’s my little corner of heaven with some great games and reviews.



South Park: Stick of Truth ~