Dare to Love Series: A Dare Without Regret by Wendy S. Marcus

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by Wendy S. Marcus
Genres: Contemporary

Ryan Monighan is one of the most popular players on the Miami Thunder Football Team. An all-star running back, he always makes time for his fans. They want a picture? He smiles pretty. An autograph? He’s always got a marker handy. Sex? If she turns him on, then heck yeah! Too bad the only thing sexy, sassy Kiley Ivers wants from him is the one thing he will not do for a fan. And she won’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

Kiley Ivers is barely keeping it together. After losing her family in a tragic car accident, she’s left alone to run the family bakery and care for her thirteen-year-old nephew, Tyler. The sole survivor, he’s stuck in the hospital, depressed and in pain. And Kiley will do anything to get his favorite football player to stop by for a visit to cheer Tyler up. Even go out on a date with him.

When things heat up between them, Kiley is on board with a short fling, as long as Tyler doesn’t find out. She plans to be a respectable guardian for her impressionable young nephew. Unfortunately, nothing in Ryan’s life stays secret for long.

*ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

I so love Wendy S. Marcus’ books, and couldn’t wait to get my hands on A Dare Without Regret. Be prepared to get a punch to the heart from the get go with this one and not want to stop reading until you’re done. Sweet and sassy, I loved every little bit of this novella.

Kiley is a woman on a mission. Determined to motivate her young nephew after having suffered a terrible loss, she needs to get the attention of Ryan Monighan, running back for the Miami Thunder, and her nephew’s favorite player. Being in the hospital after an accident and having lost his grandparents and mother, he’s sunk in to depression and Kiley will stop at nothing to get Ryan to visit him in the hospital to raise his spirits.

After some pleading and beguiling, Kiley finally gets Ryan to agree, not realizing why he’s hesitant to go. Having watched a friend slowly die of leukemia, the thought of entering a hospital fills Ryan with dread. However, Ryan is in need of a date to a charity event and with the media always hounding him, he’s more than happy to have her with him. And if it leads to something more with the sexy bakery owner, even better. When Ryan visits, Kiley is ecstatic that her nephew responds so positively and warms up to Ryan, big time.

“I was imagining you covered in frosting, which got me wondering if it’d be worth the hours I’d have to spend at the gym to work off all the sugar and calories I’d consume from licking it off.”

Oh this book! I loved Kylie and how strong she was after everything that’s happened to her and having this tremendous weight on her shoulders she always tries to persevere. When she finally let’s Ryan in, these two are HOT and this player is about to be a one woman man. Ryan stole my heart and his family was a hoot. Not having realized that his twin Ren had his own book, I was scrambling to get his story in my hands. Loved, loved, loved this story. The characters tugged at my heart big time but still make you laugh at times. While I loved the sexiness between the two, it’s those interactions between them, those moments where Ryan, while trying to keep it casual, is still instinctively taking care of her and falling without even realizing it. Be prepared for a novella that you will adore.

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