Dirty Bad Wrong by Jade West

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by Jade West
Genres: Erotica



They call him Masque.
I call him God.
The man I want to consume me, own me, 
break me and corrupt me.
Yet I've never seen his face.
His body ripples like an adonis, sculpted in steel and
dripping in sin. His flesh is inked with the mark of the
chimera - one body, two very different halves.
He plays hard.
He plays rough.
He has no limits.
He's so fucking dirty bad wrong.
But I love him for it.

Lydia Marsh is always the strong one. The girl who never breaks, and sure as hell never cries. She's got it all - the perfect little life in cosy suburbia, with her perfectly nice boyfriend, and their perfectly sufficient sex life. She's even got her perfect little career plan all wrapped up at Trial Run Software Group.
But when it all falls apart, and Lydia's pretty, green eyes are fixed on a brutally sexual stranger - the man they call Masque - she comes to suspect that being strong isn't all it's cracked up to be.
For now Lydia wants something she's never wanted before...
And she wants Masque to give it to her.

**Warning - this novel contains graphic sex, and hardcore elements of BDSM. There are scenes of violence (consensual) as well as sexual practices some readers may find offensive.
If you aren't turned on by dirty bad wrong sex then please walk on by. Thank you.***

“I want him…the release he delivers through pain…the silky caress of the abyss beyond fear.
I want him to break me.
I want him to hurt me.
I want him to own me.
And then I want him to love me.”

Dirty Bad Wrong lives up to its name. It is DIRTY. It is BAD. And it is so Wrong and yet it is done oh so right. It is important to read the warning the author provides though. This is dirty, gritty, raw and will put a lot of hard limits front and center so if you can’t read hardcore BDSM, this is not for you. It is fairly violent but also consensual. It is also well written, smoking hot and guaranteed to make you want to reach for a vibrator. Both characters are beautifully written, and damaged. The sex scenes are intense, immensely erotic, and kinky as hell. I loved every second of it. I will admit that while I don’t shy away from any type of book, this is my first hardcore BDSM and I will also admit that there is a moment that I partially skimmed because it just wasn’t for me. But that’s why it’s such a great book. It does not shy away like most I’ve read. It is DIRTY.

“No boundaries, no barriers, no mask, Lydia, just you and me. I want to know every part of you, every secret of your body. Every secret.”

Lydia Marsh has a normal vanilla life. Lives with her boyfriend, has mediocre sex and works at a software company. But when her lovely turns upside down, she has a minor breakdown at work and starts crying over her cheating boyfriend. Little did she know that this would make her boss, James, ferociously turned on and unable to think about anything else than making her cry. Preferably while indulging in some BDSM sure to make her break again.

By day, James works as a Chief Technology Officer. By night, he is Masque. A dom with a penchant for pain, looking for that perfect submissive to break and make his. He’s been badly burned by a bitch of an ex-wife and he’s not about to let anyone know who he is under the mask. And yet, seeing Lydia cry grabs him and wants to make him break his number one rule. “Fuck no-one you know, and know no-one you fuck.”

What happens next, you need to read for yourself. As for me, I will definitely be keeping a close watch on this debut author because I can not wait to read more from Jade West.


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