Driven by Fate (Serve #5) by Tessa Bailey

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by Tessa Bailey
Genres: Erotica, Romance




Francesca “Frankie” De Luca always pays her debts. Even when it means stepping inside Serve, the sensuous Manhattan club that caters to particular adult desires. For Frankie, it's a taste of something she's always wanted, and never received. Until a sharply dressed Brit orders her into his room, and instructs her to undress before delivering the carnal punishment she so desperately needs. Then he offers Frankie a deal she can't refuse—and the only thing she owes him is submission...


Driven by Fate by Tessa Bailey is my favorite read this year thus far. The characters, the writing, the laugh out loud moments (so many!!), the hot steamy sex, those incredible kisses. Everything worked for me in this book!

“You need a ride somewhere?”
“Don’t tell me you drive this thing,”
“Well, I can’t fly it.”

Frankie (Francesca) DeLuca is a sassy, tough as nails cabbie from Queens that has always had a desire for something more when it comes to her sex life. She wants to be swept up, to be brought to the edge and taken over. So when she enters Serve, a Manhattan Club known for such adventurous undertakings, how can she resist trying to get what she wants. What she gets is sexy, uptight British Dom Porter Evans who tempts her at every turn.

“Where in God’s name did this girl come from? How could she look at him with breathtaking vulnerability while serving up such a healthy dose of disrespect?”

Porter has never met anyone who’s tested him as Frankie does. Sassy, vulnerable, beautiful and yet not as feminine as the women he’s usually attracted to, she’s a complete dichotomy. Yet, everything about her tempts him in the worst way. He finds himself wanting to laugh and smile at her even when trying to be the serious Dom. He’s always kept people at a distance and yet with Frankie, he can’t seem to stay away.

“Letting her leave his arms felt wrong. Horribly wrong.”

These two are both stubborn to a tee. Porter is all about control but this gorgeous woman in her ripped jeans makes him want to throw some of his own rules out the window. He knows that one night won’t ever be enough with her and yet, doesn’t think he’s the relationship type to try and make this something more. Frankie is independent but wants someone to take control and show her what it’s like to be submissive, to take someone of that independence and satisfy her like she never has been before. These two have insane chemistry together and that’s what I loved most about this book. That these two characters who are absolute opposites and yet, Tessa Bailey made them work!! I reread the book I just loved Frankie, who is such a strong female character with attitude, and Porter, who is stiff and yet, oh so sexy! I can not wait to read more from this author!


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