Echoes of Silence (Unquiet Mind #1) by Anne Malcom

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by Anne Malcom
Genres: Favorite, MC, Rockstar, Romance

People make love seem complicated. Intricate. Novels try to capture its intensity; music tries to rein in its soul.
I’ve read every novel I could. I’ve lived and breathed every song that I could listen to. The sounds fill my unquiet mind.
Then he came.
He brought with him the beauty of silence that echoes through my soul and showed me love isn’t complicated. It’s simple. Beautiful.
Some say love at first sight doesn’t exist, that you can’t find your soul mate at sixteen years old. Those are people rooted in reality, chained to the confines of life that dictates how you are meant to think. Killian broke those chains. He broke everything, shattered it so I can see that reality is overrated, that daydreams can somehow come to life.
My life tumbled into darkness in the time after I met him, so dark I’m not sure I’ll ever see the light again. But he is always at my side. His life means he knows how to navigate the dark and he can lead me out.
I wade through the darkness with him at my side.
We’ll be together forever; I’m certain of that.
Until I’m not.

*ARC received from author in exchange for an honest reviews*


Since the first book I read in the Sons of Templar series, I have been absolutely addicted to reading Anne Malcolm’s books. Especially since the first one I read is book three Out of the Ashes which happens to be where we first meet Lexie and Killian. The two stories (Out of the Ashes and Echoes of Silence) tell events from the different perspectives of characters. Mia, who is Lexie’s mom, and Zane, a member of the Sons of Templar, so if you’ve read the third book, you sort of know what happens with Lexie and Killian already. It didn’t matter to me because I was absolutely dying to know what happened behind the scenes with their relationship. It’s also safe to say that while I waited for their book, I went back and read the series from the beginning, including rereading Out of the Ashes (I’m a sucker for Zane).

“Kissing you, Freckles, tasting how sweet you are…” He trailed off, his hands flexing at my neck. “It’s good. The best kind of sweet I’ve ever tasted in my bitter life. That’s the problem,” he explained. 

My heart was beating out of my chest as his words chased away the doubt, but I was confused. “How is that a problem?” I managed to choke out. 

“It’s a problem ‘cause I don’t have experience with sweet, with good. I’ve just realized how precious that is. How precious you are. How different to me you are.

This book leans a little more to the YA/NA side due to the age of the two characters so we don’t get anything explicit but lots of sweet, hot kisses and alludes to more. Again, didn’t bother me because I adored their relationship with one another. I would also say, read the books in order, or at least, read Out of the Ashes, before reading this one, just because there’s a little more detail in the drama parts in that book and this one might spoil that just a little. Plus, Mia is an absolute riot and Zane is broody. Yum.

“Kill, I—” I started to say the thing that I had come to realize moments ago.

I was cut off by Killian turning around and clutching the sides of my head, bringing his mouth down on mine. I was paralyzed for a split second, taken completely unaware by the feeling of his mouth on mine. Then I relaxed into his touch, his arms circling around me as his lips coaxed mine open. They opened automatically, letting him in, letting the fire explode in my body at being subjected to such an amazing kiss for my very first time. 

I felt his loss the moment his lips left mine. He didn’t move far away, resting his forehead on mine. I could only see the dim outline of his body in the darkness, but I felt his eyes on mine. 
“I was going to wait,” he murmured in a husky voice. “Wait till out first proper date to do that, till you were ready. But seeing that asshole putting his mouth on you today, I had to claim yours. To make sure it wasn’t his touch that lingered on you. That I would be the only one kissing you for the near future.”

Killian is a prospect for the Sons of Templar and when Lexie and her mom come into the garage owned by the MC to fix their car (Betty), he spots Lexie (or as he likes to call her, Freckles) and can’t help but be attracted to her beauty, spunk, and sass. Behind her boho chic outfits, lies a beautiful soul, amazing voice and for the first time, someone who actually sees him, the real him. I’ve had a huge crush on Killian since I’ve read the third book and he just continued to steal my heart in this one. 

“For the last five years, life has given me nothing but shit,” he whispered. “No gifts, no breaks, no respite, now I know…” He paused. “Now I know why. Been eating that shit so I could get given this gift.” His hands tightened at my cheeks. “What I’m holding in my hands. Hearing those words, it’s worth the five years of shit. Hell, it’d be worth fifty.”

Swoon. Absolute and utter swoon when it comes to Killian and Lexie’s relationship. They may be young but they are old souls, Killian having seen too much of the ugliness in this world and Lexie being raised by a young mother. This was everything I wanted in their story and I am doing grabby hands for book two and the conclusion of their love story. I would say, even for readers who don’t like a sweeter, YA/NA story (I do), I think they would love it. I have never been a huge fan of MC books, and yet I binge read these, so that is saying a lot.

5/5 Sexy Sweet Feels

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