Furious Rush by S.C. Stephens

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Genres: Romance

For Mackenzie Cox, racing motorcycles is in her blood. Born into a family legacy, she's determined to show the world that she has inherited her father's talent in this male-dominated sport. The last thing Kenzie needs is to be antagonised by her rival team's newest rider, Hayden Hayes. Hayden, exceedingly arrogant and outrageously attractive, immediately gets under Kenzie's skin and she can't help but be distracted.

As Kenzie and Hayden push each other on the track, the electric energy between them off the track shifts into an intense - and strictly forbidden - attraction. The only rule between their two ultra-competitive teams is zero contact. Kenzie needs a win, and she also needs to stay away from Hayden. Unfortunately for her though, one thing has become all too clear: she can't.

Fuelled by passion, driven by desire, Hayden and Mackenzie both want to win more than anything else. Except for, maybe, each other. But anger, jealousy and extreme competitiveness aren't their only obstacles . . .

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Going into this book, I was looking forward to getting a strong, female protagonist with a lot to prove and I was honesty looking forward to this. I have to admit that once I finished, I was left unsatisfied.

Mackenzie is a racer with a lot to prove. To her dad that she can be a great rider, and to the world that she’s not just trying to ride on her father’s coattails into fame. Their team is dying and they need a big win to gain sponsors or lose the family business for good. Hayden Hayes is a mysterious street racer who’s now racing for the rival team. Fraternizing with the enemy is forbidden. These two shouldn’t even contemplate being in the same room together but once they meet, they can’t seem to stay away from one another. And when they realize that they race better when they push each other, are they willing to risk it all to be together?

I’m sad to say, I didn’t like this book. I really couldn’t get into Hayden and Kenzie having any sort of relationship with one another and I just didn’t feel the connection between them. Kenzie is fairly bitchy and has this back forth between wanting him and pushing him away and having sex with him and pushing him away. It got so tiring, I really didn’t care after a while. Hayden is supposed to be a bad boy but he feels more like the boy next door. And the whole reason between the two race clubs being rivals is just retold over and over again, that it gets annoying. I get it. There’s a rivalry and there’s a reason for it. I don’t need to be told so many times. I got it. Let’s move on, shall we? The secondary characters are flat and I disliked most of them. Her dad was such an ass, making Mackenzie feel like less of a racer and never praising her or making her really feel loved. All of this leads up to an extremely odd ending. I mean, nothing feels resolved and then a big bomb is blown in both Mackenzie and Hayden’s face and then, The End…what? I just…what? I’m so confused. I thought you were a stand alone. I really wish I could have liked this but this just dragged on and on that I sort of let a sigh of relief when I was done.


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