Hades Hangmen series by Tillie Cole

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by Tillie Cole
Genres: MC, Romance

Review of the Hades Hangmen series by Tillie Cole

It Ain't Me, Babe ~ Styx & Mae
Heart Recaptured ~ Ky & Lilah
Souls Unfractured ~ Flame & Maddie

Let me say something before I start this review. It is incredibly hard for me to get into MC books. I don’t know why this is. It could be the fact that if some guy called me his “old lady” I would kick him in the balls (the Latina instinct in me) or it’s just not my thing. Honestly, no clue. I am always hesitant to pick up a book and definitely a series with this as the basis of the books no matter how good they look. Then there’s an author named Tillie Cole. Tillie, who made me fall for an anti-hero in Raze. An anti-hero who was also a mafioso (which also happens to be another type of book I’m particular in).

I had to have the Hades Hangmen series. These books drew me in and sunk their teeth in me, telling me that they must be read. Surprisingly enough, I devoured these three books in less than two days. The emotional attachment I have to these characters and this series is incredible. These beautifully damaged women and equally beautiful damaged men have dragged me into a pit that I do not want to leave. This plot, centered around these men, brothers, have touched me so deeply. These women, rescued from a fanatical cult, taught and brainwashed that they are evil and depraved, saved by sinners. I literally have tears because these are stories that you know are truth as having happened but you just don’t want to believe. Mae, Lilah and Maddie have touched me in a way that book characters have not in a very long time. Then there’s Flame. While I am in love with Styx and Ky, it is Flame that holds my heart in his brutally damaged hands. His is the one I truly cried over. His was the one that painted a picture that I can not erase from my mind.

There are books that touch your heart and there are books that paint your soul. There are books that change you, change what you see and think and feel. This series was all of that for me. I don’t want to read anything else right now. I can’t. I wish I can experience this again. This pain, this emotional upheaval that she’s caused in me. I am forever changed.

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