Honeymoon from Hell Part I, II, & III by R.L. Mathewson

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by R.L. Mathewson
Genres: Contemporary, Contemporary Romance

This is a review of the first three Honeymoon From Hell books

 Part #1 Jason and Haley’s honeymoon

Part #2 Zoe and Trevor's honeymoon

Part #3 Connor and Rory's honeymoon

Honeymoon from Hell is a 6 part novella by RL Mathewson that takes part after the first books in the Neighbor in Hell series. Each delightful little romp showcases the epilogue of the corresponding book as the beginning of each novella so no need to go back for a refresher. Each novella talks about the honeymoon curse that the Bradford family believe they have placed on them and various family members trying to dissuade the couples into going and averting disaster until their one year anniversary.

Each couple decides not to listen to their family and thus ensues three novellas brimming with hilarity from beginning to end. From a forced wedding, a cruise ship from hell, and a fire, one is no longer left wondering if the curse is true and only wondering if the future Bradford’s will heed warnings of other members when they are told not to bother with the Honeymoon. As for me, I’m hoping they don’t and we get more novellas.

I wiped away tears of laughter while reading these. It takes the saying “everything that can go wrong, will go wrong” to a whole new level and I loved every second of them. Short, sweet, steamy and sexy, they were perfection and I look forward to reading more in the Neighbors in Hell and, Honeymoon in Hell series.

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