Kitty Kitty (Souls Chapel Revenants MC #5) by Lani Lynn Vale

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Kitty Kitty (Souls Chapel Revenants MC #5) by Lani Lynn ValeKitty Kitty (Souls Chapel Revenants MC, #5) by Lani Lynn Vale
on June 29, 2021

This is the story of a man falling in love with a woman.
A man that was supposed to be a role model, and a woman that was just barely twenty-one.
A man who should’ve known better, and a woman that didn’t know that she was destroying his career word by word, innocent touch by innocent touch, smile by smile, until it had already imploded.
The world collapses around Absinthe ‘Sin’ Solomon, and the only thing he can do is try not to take her down with him.
The moment the inevitable happens, and the gavel bangs signaling that he will spend the next nine years in prison for attempted murder, Sin tries to let go. But Blaise Mackenzie has never, not ever, been one to give up without a fight.
Her military career might be over, but her career as a prison guard is just about to get started.
And her favorite prisoner? A pissed-off older man, a drill sergeant dishonorably discharged from the Army that tells himself daily that the new ‘Kitty Kitty’ female prison guard is not for him.
After following him around for years, watching over him from afar in any way she can, Sin is released early. And the first person that he’s going to see? A stubborn little blonde-headed female that should’ve known better than to trust a man like him.

*ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review*

I am absolutely addicted to Souls Chapel Revenants MC series and every book just gets better. I could not put this one down!! I loved reading Sin’s and Blaise’s story. If you haven’t read the others in the series, I would highly recommend reading those first as there is an overarching plot that wraps up in this book. 

Sin gets thrown in jail after saving Blaise’s life and Blaise makes it her mission to become a prison guard and essentially follow him where he goes. The tension and chemistry between these two is felt on every page which leads these two to finally give in to their passion and suddenly, they are tied together in a way neither one of them expected. Now, out of jail and working for Lynn, Sin and Blaise now has a chance to be together. 

“You’re mine, and I’ll do anything , absolutely anything, to make that happen. Make you realize that. So if you need time, I’ll give it. If you need distance, I’ll allow it. But just know that I’m always going to be right here. With you. Anytime you ever need me.”

These two have a bumpy road but they can’t deny that they’ve been thru so much but belong to one another. With lots of drama, romance, and some hysterically funny moments, I loved this book and can not wait until the next one. 




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