Love Lessons (Stone Cliff Series, Book 3) by Cathryn Fox

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by Cathryn Fox
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romance

When doubtful meets determined.

When Cartoonist, Grace Bennett is given the mandate to take her comic strip from the satirical side of dating to the magical moments between a couple in love, she knows she’s in big trouble. Having never experienced that fleeting emotion, how can she possibly write about it? What she needs is a miracle. Enter best friend and neighbor, Nate Wright, a man with a reputation for falling in love every other weekend. When Nate offers to share his extensive knowledge in matters of the heart and give her some lessons in love, Gracie has no choice but to accept.

Nate can’t believe his luck. He’s been crazy about Gracie since the moment he laid eyes on her, but she’s kept him firmly in the friend zone. Helping her out with her comic strip gives him the perfect opportunity to get closer, show her what real romance is all about—what it could be like with him. The hard part is keeping his ulterior motive under wraps. If Gracie doesn't share his feelings, he risks losing her friendship forever.

One kiss later has Grace doubting the wisdom in bringing her friend into the mix, while Nate is more determined than ever to show Gracie that with love, anything is possible. 


“It was getting harder and harder to be around her without touching her, kissing her, making her his once and for all.”

Love Lessons is Book 3 in the Stone Cliff Series and I actually think it’s my favorite so far. Nate is completely in love with his best friend Gracie but he’s been friend zoned since the day they met. All that is about to change when Gracie’s newest assignment is to write a Valentine themed comic on love. He bets her that in a week’s time, he can show her what love looks like so that she can stop being a cynic and believe.

Poor Gracie is completely oblivious to the fact that Nate has deeper feelings than friendship. While she might have some for him, she dismisses them, believing that there is no way he can possibly feel the same way. She also cant risk losing him as a friend. It would devastate her. But when he kisses her, all those feelings start to change.

“He kissed her mouth, her jaw, her neck, and every feeling she had for hr neighbor, friend, coworker came rushing to the surface, taking her breath with it.”

Filled with laugh out loud moments, a sexy guy determined to get the girl, a girl who can’t see love right in front of her, I loved every aspect of this read. I can’t wait for more in the series.


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