Make Me (KPD Motorcycle Patrol Book 4) by Lani Lynn Vale

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by Lani Lynn Vale
Genres: Contemporary, Contemporary Romance

Royal St. James got her name when she was born. Not because her mother loved her royally, but because Royal was a giant pain in the ass. She’s spent her entire life fighting to live, and the last thing she needs is to deal with some pretty-boy police officer who wouldn’t know a hardship if it came up and bit him in the…you know.

Justice Rector wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He was raised to work hard and always fight for what he believed in. His father was a cop, and ever since he could remember, he wanted to be one, too.

It was a complete coincidence that he ends up going undercover and meeting Royal St. James. It was just one day, a single moment in time. All routine.

Just do the buy, make the bust, and get out.

But Royal St. James, aptly named, screws everything up. Royally.

All of a sudden, he has a decision to make: blow his cover and save the girl, or save himself.

Of course, he does the most stupid thing possible.

By saving the girl who most assuredly did not want to be saved.

I swear, Lani Lynn Vale only writes amazing books with lovable characters that I never want to stop reading about. The fact that I get to revisit some of my favorite characters when their offspring is getting their HEA books makes me love this author even more.

Royal St. James is a girl with not a lot of luck in her life. From despicable parents to working in a dangerous neighborhood to get by, and trying to protect her brother who is in a wheelchair, she’s used to getting shafted.

“I want to go to battle for you, Royal,”he said suddenly. “I want to fight these invisible ghosts.”

Justice has two amazing parents (Loki!!!!) but has always worked hard at everything that he does. When he’s put on an undercover assignment trying to stop a wannabe gangster and dealer, the last thing he expects is Royal. He can’t get her smart mouth and gorgeous looks out of his head. So when her life is threatened, he makes the ultimate decision to protect her in any way, especially if it means being together 24/7 until the bad guys are caught.

“I wish I had hair like hers,” Mom said softly, bringing my attention to her.
I picked up a strand of her hair, loving the way the long locks slipped between my fingers. “It’s beautiful,” I admitted. “That was the first thing that I noticed when I saw her across the street working. Her hair. It was piled up in a big, messy bun on top of her head. Ninety-nine percent of her body had been covered. She was wearing these big, baggy coveralls that left quite a bit to the imagination. And her hair was like a shining beacon in the middle of a dirty shop.”
My dad looked over at me and tipped his beer in my direction. “That was kind of poetic. Did you lose your balls when you moved to Kilgore?”

Lots of heat, lots of laughter, lots of love, and a good amount of tension. This is the recipe for every LLV book and they never fail to be so good. I loved Royal meeting Loki and Channing and immediately wanting to be adopted. They open their arms for her and I was in love all over again with these characters. Loki tormenting Justice about the book is pure gold. That is exactly what a parent do to torment their kid. I could not stop laughing.

“What are you laughing about?” he asked, letting his large palm smooth up and down the length of my back.
“In my head, I just called you the Royal tamer,” I mumbled. “Because I don’t want to argue with you out of general principle. You’ve broken me.”
He chuckled softly, and I sank even deeper into him when his laughter shook me as well as him.

I loved Justice for opening up his home and friends to her and making her feel like one of them. I love him for not pushing, knowing that he is in love with her but that she has to overcome her trust issues when it comes to being loved by another. Her childhood left her with inner scars that aren’t that easy to bandage and he goes out of his way to make sure that she feels everything he has for her. Total swoon.

I hate turning to the last page in the books because I never want them to end. I’m enjoying this series so much and, as always, can’t wait to read more from this author.


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