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by JD Robb

Check out my guest reviewer and BFF D. Taveras thoughts on meeting our idol at RWA 2015, JD Robb/Nora Roberts. You can also find out more about the series here:

What do you do when you brush against greatness?  If you are like Nerdy Chic and I, that greatness will be a literary figure that has influenced your life in a profound way. Today at RWA, we got to meet JD Robb.

For us JD Robb holds special meaning. She is the author that got me to read again. Nerdy Chic introduced me to the series. It's also the series that kept us connected as college and careers entered the picture. I introduced my sister, Jenny, to the series. She read through the books quickly even with Dyslexia and came back for more.

Now to the reason I'm sentimental about this moment. When Nerdy Chic found out the JD Robb was signing in NYC, no question had to be asked. We Were Going. Anyone who has ever been to a signing knows that you get 30 seconds with the person. 15 years for 30 seconds is not the best trade off but I'm giddy today. I'm giddy today because I got to clear one of the items on my bucket list. I got to tell JD Robb "Thank you." Many of you understand will understand why in the moment of the signing a thank you is small. It's not enough return on all the enjoyment I've received from the books. Yet, this moment will be  dear to me. Like a child jumping up and down with favorite candy in hand I got to meet one of my favorite authors. I was contained ( don't believe what Danita says) and managed to walk away without fainting. Made my sister jealous ( love you butthead). Met more authors, saw more books to read, and got to spend a fun afternoon with my Bestie.

So now on to the next person on the list and please pray that I don't faint or make a fool of myself if I ever get to meet JK Rowling. I know. Set the bar lower but why not have the best in your bucket list.

Let us know in comments below who is on your literary bucket list.


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