Perfect Strangers by J.T. Geissinger

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Genres: Contemporary Romance, Favorite, Rom-Com

“These kisses of his...they're demanding and possessive. They're hungry and deep. They're the kisses of a man who wants more of a woman—who wants everything—and isn't going to stop until he gets it."

Author Olivia Rossi hasn’t been able to write a word since tragedy struck two years ago and ripped her world apart. Heartbroken and still haunted by the past, she accepts an offer to spend the summer at a friend’s apartment in Paris in search of healing and her lost muse.

What she finds instead is James, an enigmatic stranger who ignites in her an unexpected and all-consuming passion.

Agreeing to tell each other nothing more than their first names, Olivia and James embark on a torrid affair. But the more time they spend together, the more Olivia begins to realize her summer fling is turning into a powerful connection…and that the magnetic man she’s falling in love with might not be what he seems at all.

*ARC provided by Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review*

I’m not going to lie. This is such a hard book to review because I spent a good part going “hearts, swoon, damn that’s hot” which suddenly changed to “wait, what? What?! WHAT!! OMFG!!” I bow down to JT Geissinger because OMG! I hate you and love you and this book deserves ten stars.

“Whatever bad thing happened to you, it hasn’t made you less beautiful. There’s beauty in darkness, too. It just takes a different kind of vision to see it.”

Olivia is recently divorced American who has fled to Paris in order to try and get her muse back while also trying to heal her heart from tragedy. While at a sidewalk cafe, her eyes meet the delectable James and sparks fly. These two have major heat from the second they meet and even Olivia, grieving and in pain, can’t deny that she’s never felt anything like this before. They agree to an affair for the three months while she’s in Paris but never thought that the attraction would be so fierce, the passion so hot and the connection so real.

And then, I get 70% into this book and it veers. Then, 80%, my jaw drops. At this point, I have read through my lunch period and was supposed to get back to work….as if. I’m fairly I didn’t blink until the last page. You evil, diabolical author, you. The twists! The amazing twists that had me gasping. I had my face in my hands and swearing. I’m still swearing. It’s been two days since I read the book! Argh! It was so good. Yes, I am being very, very vague about all of this because everyone needs to read this, completely blind as to what is going to happen.

I want everyone to read it because the characters are likable, the banter is hilarious, the sexy times are explosive and addicting, but most importantly, those twists were wicked. A ten star read for sure and one of my favorite books that I’ve read this year.



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