Playing With Fire (Phoenix Fire #3) by Cynthia Eden

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by Cynthia Eden
Genres: Paranormal

An Old Flame

Cassie Armstrong has plenty to atone for. The daughter of the most immoral researcher ever to pick up a scalpel, she's determined to use her own brilliance in genetics to repair the damage her family has done to the paranormals. Especially Dante, the first of the phoenixes, the one they call the Immortal. He's been haunting her dreams since she was a little girl, and she's been trying to ease his pain for almost as long. If only he remembered any of it. . .

Dante doesn't know what Cassie's story is. He almost doesn't care. The minute he sees her, all he can think is mine. But there's more to the pretty little doctor than meets the eye. And Dante isn't the only one to notice. He can't trust her, but he can't stay away—and if he wants to learn her secrets, he's going to have to fight like hell to keep them both alive. . . 

Playing With Fire is the third and final book in the Phoenix Fire series by Cynthia Eden. While each book is about a different couple, the events in books 1 & 2 strongly affect what happens in this final story and wouldn’t make much sense without the back story from the previous two. Take my advice with a grain of salt and check them out before diving in to this one.

Playing with Fire takes place some time after the second book, with Cassie trying to track down Dante after he’s lost his memory once again. Dante, as the oldest living Phoenix, is essentially an immortal but each time he dies and is reborn, loses some of his memory and more and more of his humanity. In a world where paranormals and humans now live side by side, a group called Genesis used this to their advantage to begin experimenting on paranormals to try and make humans into super soldiers. Dante, being one of those who “volunteered” has him on the run to keep from being locked back up in a cage. Dante’s immense strength and lack of empathy makes him one lean, mean, flamethrower machine.

Unfortunately for Cassie, her father and the creator of Genesis, used her and her brother to experiment on as children, both characters you meet in the first two books. Now an adult, she wants to correct the wrongs and help her friends but she needs Dante for that.

Action packed from the get go, Cassie must try to get Dante to trust her while they are constantly being hunted and while ghosts from both their pasts are ready to throw up every road block in their arsenal to capture them both. The pacing is non-stop and the plot is gripping to the last page.

I’ve enjoyed the series immensely and love that the ending sort of leaves an opening for a potential for more in the future, but still tidying up the series in a satisfying way. I honestly don’t think Cynthia Eden can write a bad book, no matter the genre. Making the characters strong yet flawed, damaged but never completely broken, even a character like Dante who seems cold and harsh in the previous books have some redeeming qualities in him. This was another enjoyable read by a talented author that I can’t get enough of.


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