Release Blitz ~ The Player by Sara Hubbard

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The Player by Sara Hubbard is now live!! Check out my website for an exclusive excerpt and one click on this bad boy rock star.

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Kat has a job she hates, a bun in the oven, and an ex-boyfriend who couldn’t run away from her fast enough. Getting hung up on another guy who’s known for playing the field is the last thing she needs in her life.

When Kat’s reporter boss is injured on the way to interview rock star, Tyler Hawk, her boss begrudgingly allows Kat to take her place. It’s only fifteen questions, right? Or so she thinks. But when Tyler turns on the charm and is determined to make her his next conquest, he’s almost too hard to resist.

Kat needs to get her life in order for the sake of her baby, but could Tyler be the welcome relief from all the stress she can’t seem to escape in her life? Or will he add to her problems by stealing her heart and leaving her broken?






He leans back against the back of his seat, stretching his arm out over the chair behind me. “Come out with me tonight.”

I open my eyes wide. Did he just ask me out? What planet do I live on? “I…I don’t think that’s a good idea.”


“Because…” I stop before I can say I’m pregnant. I need to stop going for guys who clearly aren’t interested in long-term relationships. I have a baby to think about now. And this guy? He’s in the city for a short time. He’s looking for a hook-up, not a built-in family. Too many guys have strung me along over the years, guys who are charming like him and know how to make promises but have no intention of delivering on one.

“Because it’s just not.”


I shift in my seat, hating to be put on the spot. “We come from very different worlds, and I’m pretty sure we’re interested in very different things.”

“My world’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Maybe I want to visit someone else’s for a bit.”

And that’s the problem. He wants to visit. Short-term.

But he delivers his words in a gentle tone and with a vulnerability that I don’t expect. This is how every guy reels me in. By showing me a side of them I tell myself no one else gets to see. I’m such a sucker for guys like him! But he’s also Tyler Hawk. A one-night stand with him is the stuff of urban legends. I will never get a chance like this again. If I recognize this for what it is, then no one gets hurt, right? I have seven months to get my shit together and to get ready for a lifetime of struggling as a single mom, like my mom did. Can’t I just be carefree for one more night?

Just one?


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