Rocky Ground (Crimson Point #4) by Kaylea Cross

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by Kaylea Cross
Genres: Contemporary Romance

She’s been hurt too many times…

Single mom Tiana Fitzgerald has sworn off all romantic relationships to protect herself and her daughter. Her track record is disastrous and she’s done getting hurt. But a certain sexy Scotsman in Crimson Point has other ideas, and somehow manages to sneak past her defenses at every turn. As the hits keep coming and her life implodes, she begins to see he’s unlike any man she’s ever known. Now he’s become the greatest threat to her heart, because there’s no possible future for them. Not when he’s leaving the country in a few weeks. And when her worst fears are realized, she must risk everything by placing her trust in in his hands.

He’s determined to capture her heart.

Scotsman Aidan MacIntyre never saw the fiery, beautiful Tiana coming. The prickly redhead has gotten under his skin as badly as he wants to get under hers. But she’s determined to keep walls between them. Luckily the former Royal Marine doesn’t know how to give up. Someone from her past wants to hurt her, but Aidan will stand between her and any threat. He’ll stop at nothing to protect her and the little girl who have completely stolen his heart—and fight for them to have a future together.

I’m not going to lie. After reading Shattered Vows, book 3 in the Crimson Point series, I needed more Aidan MacIntyre in my life, ASAP. I made grabby hands for book four. He made such an impression on me and so did Tiana and her adorable daughter Ella.

Tiana has been badly burned before and she gives Mac (Aiden) the cold shoulder when he expresses his interest in her. Mac isn’t going to let that stop him. While he’s willing to step back and try to be friend’s to her and Ella, that spark of interest doesn’t go away and he’s a hard guy to resist, especially with the Scottish brogue. Yum. He’s also not going to make it easy for her to resist him, cuddling newborn kittens and feeding them.

“She leaned into his touch, craving more. Craving this wonderful, incredible man that for some reason wanted her in spite of all her imperfections.”

It’s hard not to sympathize with Tiana and everything she’s been going through. One disastrous relationship after the next and a childhood straight out of a horror movie. Her wariness is warranted. Especially now that’s Ella’s father has decided that he wants to be part of her life after abandoning them before she was born. Not to mention a current ex that is determined to make their life hell. But when her aunt sees how Aiden is with both Ella and Tiana, she sets her straight very quickly and Tiana opens up to Aiden about her fears. Especially since getting close to him also means losing him. His work Visa is up and he will have to go back home soon.

“What are you so afraid of?”
She looked up at him again. God, he was beautiful. And strong. And brave. He was also going to rip her heart out when he left. It wasn’t easy to voice her insecurities aloud, but she felt comfortable with him. Close to him in a way she’d never felt with another man. “Of making another mistake. Of getting my heart broken again,” she whispered.
He cupped the side of her face to run his thumb over her cheekbone. “I’ll not hurt you, lass.” Her insides squeezed at the tenderness in his voice, the yearning in his eyes. No, he wouldn’t hurt her intentionally.
“But you’re leaving soon. In another few weeks.” That was going to leave a scar, no matter how gently the cut was made.
“Aye,” he agreed, his gaze locked with hers. “But I’m here now.”

Filled with action, mystery, suspense, romance and a Scottish brogue, I loved every bit of this book and can’t wait for more!


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