Sinful Deal (Billionaire Erotic Romance: Full Tilt Billionaire, Part One)

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"I was minding my own business, using my skill to win enough money at the blackjack tables to pay off my student debt, when I noticed someone else was minding my business, too.

He was hot, he looked ultra-rich, and he had no reason to notice me. So why was he stalking me from table to table? I thought I might be in trouble for winning too much.

I had no idea how much trouble it would turn out to be."

Sinful Deal is Part One of Full Tilt Billionare, a Billionaire Erotic Romance novella presented in serial format. It is not a standalone. 

Sinful Deal is part one in a five part serial by Jessa Jacobs and this book just gives us some background and intro to the two main characters Marc & Tara. Tara is at a casino raking in the money when she spots a gorgeous guy who seems to be tailing her as she moves from table to table. Tara has an absolutely fascinating mind and uses it to her advantage to be able to pay off her student loans and go for her doctorate but considering the fact that casinos frown upon patrons who win too much, she’s wary, to say the least. When Marc finally speaks to her, he makes her an offer that Tara can’t refuse. Allow him to teach her how to be a poker champ and have them split the winnings. One nerd gone glam makeover later, Marc begins to see her in a new light. When feelings begin to surface between the two, will they be able to keep things purely professional?

I thought this was a good opening for the serial. There’s definitely an attraction between the two characters and the premise is intriguing enough that I do want to read the next book and see where the story might go. I also really liked the character of Tara and the fact that she is a really sweet, smart person. I’m really looking forward to the next book.

I received a copy from the author for an honest review….