Summer Temptation (Hot in the Hamptons) by Wendy S. Marcus

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by Wendy S. Marcus
Genres: Contemporary, Contemporary Romance

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

Meet Leigh DeGray...

After graduating college with honors and landing the job of my dreams in New York City, I’m off to The Hamptons to spend the summer with my two best friends. My life seems perfect, right? It’s not. The truth is, I have a secret that may make the future I’d planned so carefully completely fall apart. A hot summer romance is the absolute last thing I’m looking for... Until I meet a man who tempts me like no other and shows me a hot summer romance is exactly what I need.

Meet Nick Kenzy...

After two years of working my ass off as a Wall Street analyst, I’m out of a job, with no warning, no thank you, and no severance. Am I angry? You’re damn right I am. So when I head to the Hamptons for the weekend to spend time with my granddad, I plan to regroup and relax before I return to the city to hit the job search hard. I don’t need any distractions. Then I meet Leigh. Suddenly, a summer temptation makes me question everything I want for my future...

Love burns hotter in the Hamptons. Come play.

Summer Temptation is book 2 in Hot in the Hamptons series. These novellas are written by some phenomenally talented ladies and can be read as stand alones as each book is about a different couple. Summer Temptation is Leigh and Nick’s story written by Wendy Marcus and I have to say, I totally enjoyed it.

Leigh grabbed me from the beginning. Leigh is graduating from college and on her way to a much needed vacation with her two best friends in The Hamptons before she starts at her dream job. The problem is that Leigh thinks she’s pregnant but refuses to take a test because she’s scared of it being positive. Even with all this going on, she sees a lonely old man at a restaurant, strikes up a conversation and ends up eating dinner with him while listening to stories about his marriage with his wife that has passed away. She is an amazingly sweet and modest character that you just can’t help liking her.

When Leigh and Nick first meet, they don’t immediately get along. Nick has had a crappy day having just lost his job, and jumps to conclusions big time when it comes to Leigh, which was rather funny. His grandfather, having just met Leigh and already smitten, forces him to go after her and apologize. Nick knows he needs to apologize and while the two have a rocky start, Leigh is willing to forgive and forget. These two have chemistry that can’t be denied and the more time they spend together, the deeper the attraction. These two agree to a summer of fun with no promises but once the summer is over, these two know that the connection between them is real and stronger than they ever imagined.

 I began the story not knowing if I was going to like Nick but he quickly won me over when it came to stepping up, taking care of his grandfather and his feeling for her Leigh not changed even after she tells him about the possible pregnancy. I ended the novella falling in love with the story and the characters so much more than I thought. While it is a short novella, it was in no way lacking in story and I loved it from beginning to end. This is the first book I’ve read by Wendy and certainly not the last. I loved her writing style. The characters are vibrant and the story was sweet and sexy. I look forward to reading more by this author.

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