His Taste of Temptation (In The Line Of Duty #3) by Cathryn Fox 

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by Cathryn Fox
Genres: Contemporary, Contemporary Romance, Romance

One affair, thirty days.

In the Line of Duty, Book 3

Since his last relationship blew up in his face, bomb expert Brad Crosby has lost his appetite for “permanent”. But his kid brother’s best friend? Now there’s a curvy morsel he could wrap his lips around.

For years Brad has been the star of Madison Graham’s fantasies. If only she were the kind of put-together girl he prefers, not a pastry chef whose makeup consists of a dusting of powdered sugar on her nose. A belief that’s confirmed when her apartment floods and he offers to let her sleep in his bed—alone.

Wrapped in Brad’s sheets, she dreams of his touches, his kisses, the feel of his body on hers. Except her dreams feel like reality—and come morning, she realizes it wasn’t a dream at all.

Soon the two are burning up the nights. But as Madison’s sweet love grows on him, Brad can’t help but think of extending their time together.

Too bad Madison keeps reminding him their affair has an expiration date.

Warning: May contain heat, explosive sex, and Fourth of July fireworks that pale in comparison to the sparks between a sworn bachelor and a tempting pastry chef.


You can never finish a Cathryn Fox book without a great big smile on your face. You also can’t end one without desiring a very cold shower afterwards. All of her characters are extremely lovable, sexy and passionate. Every book I’ve read, she radiates a love of her characters that shines. I honestly think that Madison and Brad have become two of my favorites. Madison is such a sweet but insecure woman, having been teased in high school for her voluptuous body and being called fat. She owns a bakery and lives above it with her roommate and best friend, Jonah, who also happens to be the brother of the man she has been in love with since she was a kid.

Sexy Brad has been burned before. When he comes home to find his fiancee with another man, he’s done with trying to let another woman into his heart. But when he and Madison “accidentally” end up sleeping together (I will never take for granted the powers of cold medicine again), he proposes an arrangement for the two for one month of hot steamy sex where they part as friends. Sure, that’s happening. What starts off as a romp in the sheets ends up as so much more. Brad gives Madison so much confidence in herself to see past the “fat girl” insecurities of her past and let go of her inhibitions and he, in turn, learns what it’s like to have someone really love him. These two are smoking hot and I adore Brad for showing her how beautiful she is when she just couldn’t see past it all. I will also never look at an apron the same way. Or chocolate. Or mirrors… 

“You have a body to be admired, sweetheart. Not hidden. At least not from me.”

And when Brad realizes he’s in love with her…sigh.

“Loving her felt right, in his head and in his heart….he couldn’t imagine coming home to anyone but the sweet and sexy girl who’d crawled past his defenses without even trying.”

I love that we also see some of the other characters from previous books pop in and although you don’t necessarily need to read them, I think it adds a lot of depth to know their back story. Plus, they are fantastic reads in their own right. I can’t wait to read more from the In the Line of Duty series and the very talented Cathryn Fox.


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