The One I Want for Christmas Kindle Edition by Fiona Davenport

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Holly Lane hadn’t planned to take a trip on Santa’s lap this year, but her best friend talks her into it anyway. Only it isn’t a what that she’s wishing for this year… it’s a who. But what are the odds that Santa can fit Jacob Marley in her stocking?

Warning: Some of the best gifts come in small packages. Which is a good thing since this sweet & sexy novella is short… but not as short as the blurb!

*ARC obtained from author in exchange for an hones review.*

Holly Lane’s only Christmas wish this year is to see the one boy that won her heart. Three years have passed since she’s seen Jacob Marley but he hasn’t been far from her mind. A little wish to Santa might just be the trick to make her heart’s desire come true. Jacob Marley under her tree.

Jacob has waited three years for his shot. Having to move away from Holly was the hardest thing he had to do but it’s finally time that he can make Holly his and he’s going to bring a little Christmas cheer with him.

This was such a sweet, sexy, short, and utterly perfect Christmas story.




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