Their Reluctant Bride by Vanessa Vale

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by Vanessa Vale
Genres: Romance

Emily Woodhouse is a penniless, homeless widow thanks to her recently deceased husband. His gambling ways have placed her in a desperate situation. Faced with working off his debt in the basest of ways, she chooses instead to accept Tyler and Xander's unconventional marriage proposal. She won't be marrying one man, but two.

Tyler and Xander know instantly that Emily is the one for them. Not only does the widowed young woman rouse their protective natures, she knows of their customs regarding a two husband marriage. Despite the fact that Emily needs the safety they can offer, she isn't eager to remarry. She might be reluctant, but they will show her what it will be like with two men to cherish, protect and possess her.

But the past catches up with them in the most dangerous of ways. Only in facing the past can they forge a future together.

Bridgewater: Where menage meets marriage.

*ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review.*

Their Reluctant Bride is the sixth book in the Bridgewater Menage Series but can be read as a stand alone. This was actually the first in the series that I’ve read and I didn’t feel lost. You get introduced to couples from previous books and get an intro of Bridgewater.  It takes place in the old west and was a little different than what I’m used to reading as far as menage. The people of Bridgewater are more open to the idea of polyamorous relationships and it’s actually more of a norm where no one really blinks an eye over the fact. It was interesting to read because most books make it a very taboo subject and here it was just more natural.

Lovely young Emily is a widow in a dire predicament. Her husband was heavily in debt before he died and his debt has now become her problem. So when the very handsome duo of Tyler and Xander propose  that she marry them, she sees it as the only way out for her. But she is reluctant to trust and is holding back secrets from the two men. Her husband was an abusive ass and sex was a five second deal for him to get off. These two sexy men have a bit of work to do.

Xander and Tyler meet Emily and immediately know that she is the one for them. There is no denying that these two men want her and they will do everything in their power to make her feel the same. The chemistry and heat pop in this book and it is sexy and explosive. Like, melt your kindle hot. Xander is dominating and Tyler is a sweeter yet no less forceful and they don’t just want Emily, they need her and that’s what really makes this relationship so much more than just sex.

“Don’t worry, baby, he’s going to make you feel good,” Mr. Tyler said, his voice a smooth timbre. He moved closer. Backed against the door, one man at my feet and the other just beside me, I had nowhere to go.

This was so hot and so entertaining that before I realized it, I was done reading. I loved the story, and I loved that while Xander and Tyler felt almost an insta-love with Emily, it takes her longer to realize what she feels. I love the world that Vanessa Vale created and I’m looking forward to reading more.


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