Unavoidable Chance (Running Into Love #5)

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by Annalisa Nicole
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romance

Ava Wellington is a busy, prestigious Seattle lawyer with her sights firmly set on her goals. She’s precise and calculated to a fault and doesn’t have time in her career for relationships, especially with a man like Jax. Neither he nor what comes with him were ever part of her plan.

Jaxon Landry is ex-military, turned chef of his own thriving restaurant and the best single dad he knows how to be. He lives and breathes for the happiness of his two little girls. For the past two years he’s lived in a dreary world of regret, loss, and disappointment. That is until he meets Ava. He never thought he’d see color again in his dreams, much less in a woman.

Can Jax show Ava that she is more than checklists and goals?

Can Ava keep her promise even when she’s handed the golden opportunity to her ultimate goal. Will she risk love over her career?

Family is a feeling, not a definition. There are no words for it. It’s a feeling in your gut, in your heart, and in your soul.

There’s nothing you can do to stop true love, it’s unavoidable. 

Book five in the Running Into Love series brings us more of the wonderful Wellington family. While each book is about a different couple in the family, you will see them and hear a little of their story in this book so it’s best to read them in order to get the full effect of this wonderful series. The story is told in dual POV of the main characters and works very well. I enjoyed seeing the main characters butt heads continuously from both points of views. I also found myself laughing out loud half the time and with a craving for swedish fish (you’ll understand once you read).

“Never wait to tell someone how you feel, life can change in an instant.”

No one knows this more than Jax Landry and Ava Wellington. Both have had their lives changed by a death that leaves them with a wound that doesn’t want to heal. Jax, having lost his wife, and career in the military, turned chef of his own restaurant while raising his two little girls. Ava, having lost her father and rock, is pushing to be the youngest partner in her law firm, but trying to honor his last wish.  Jax and Ava must have been fated to meet, as these two keep bumping into each other. Literally. A few times. LOL. 

Jax is instantly attracted to her while Ava is stubborn to a T. She is set in her ways to make partner, working long hours, dining on Pop Tarts and wine. This case is the hardest one to ever cross her path but it’s also her ticket to what she wants most. Or rather, what she thinks she does. The funny thing about love is, it doesn’t wait for you to be ready and Ava is just going to have to deal with that. These two have some explosive chemistry even while Ava is fighting it tooth and nail.

Jax- “Are you going to throw Swedish Fish at my car again?”

Ava- “If you keep stalking me, yes, but it may also be a pop tart.”

When they finally get together, absolute magic. Jax has to be the sweetest, sexiest guy. He is determined to take care of her and make sure she eats, knowing how much the case means to her. These two go through quite a roller coaster and the book had a ending that I did not see coming. What a fantastic book by Author Annalisa Nicole. I can not wait to read Savvy and Aiden’s story next.


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