Wound Tight (Made in Jersey #4) by Tessa Bailey

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by Tessa Bailey
Genres: Contemporary, M/M

When CEO Renner Bastion walks into a room, everyone keeps their distance. Well, everyone but the sarcastic, tattooed, Boston-bred security guard whose presence has kept Renner in New Jersey longer than intended. As if the unwanted attraction isn’t unsettling enough, Renner finds out his protector isn’t as unavailable as originally thought.

Milo Bautista just came out to his wealthy, ultra-confident boss, a man he secretly respects and admires…in more ways than he’ll admit. Worldly, experienced Renner would never look in his direction, let alone share some of that confidence he wears like a cloak, so Milo has set his sights on someone else to be his first.

Until Renner offers him private lessons in seduction...

*ARC prvided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

“Need you. I’m dying.”

“No, I won’t let you.” Renner breathed heavily. “I was dead when you found me, and you’ll never feel that way. Not as long as I’m full of this life you gave me.”


I will admit, I’ve never gravitated towards buying M/M books, not because I have anything against it, but I just love imagining myself as the heroine of the story. But this is a Tessa Bailey and when it comes to this lady, she knows how to bring the heat and make her readers squirm in delight. Plus, it’s Renner’s story which I have been dying to read since I got hooked on this series. I had to read this.


I shall never doubt Tessa Bailey to write another amazing book, no matter the book she writes. I felt so much reading this. I mean, besides the heat that could not be contained between these two. And I mean off the wall, explosive chemistry that these two had. I was emotionally invested in getting these two together and I cheered for them. I would tell anyone who has hesitated to pick up an M/M book to make this their first and get their world absolutely rocked!

“I want to suck you off right here. I want you to remember me on my knees, my head bobbing up and down between your legs, next time someone tries to fuck around with you. Or tries to make you forget that you run shit.” Another, longer lick. “You’re the man, Renner. So sit back, watch me make you come, and feel like it.”


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