Tom Clancy: The Division and the Botched Updates

Posted April 14, 2016 by Nerdy Chic in Video Games / 0 Comments

April 12th brought the biggest update to Tom Clancy's The Division since it's release a month ago. It also brought of one of the biggest debacles that Ubisoft has done to date. The update, which was to add new missions, gear scores and fix the multiple bugs that have been plaguing the game has also caused millions of users to lose their characters. Imagine logging in to a game that you've poured a month of your time into. Hours upon hours looting and missions completed, of gear collected, modded or sold, only to have all your hard work disappear. It's like a swift kick in the balls; shocking, painful, and makes you question life as a whole. And yeah, if you've never played a video game in your life, you would think this is an overdramitaztion. It isn't. Ask any gamer.

If this wasn't bad enough, the updates aren't working as they are intended to anyway. Players wanting high level drops in the dark zone from fighting the strongest of the strong are pretty much out of luck. The chances of an actual drop are apparently so low, they may as well not exist.

Gear scores is now a new annoyance as the new areas can only be unlocked if your gear score is at or above the designated score. Gear scores are only attached to items 30 and above so my lovely level 29 superior marksmen rifle with an 18 round mag is apparently worthless. So the game is now requiring higher level gear but making them more difficult to obtain, in or out, of the dark zone.

Want to start a new game? It's just become that much harder to craft gear for your character. Oh fun. Like this wasn't a pain in the ass in the first place.

And forget about sharing items since the two hour window of obtain and drop is now down to one hour and apparently, being in a mission does not allow you to drop this item for your friends use. So obtaining that higher level Marksmen rifle that you can't use but your friend needs for the boss in the next area is of no help. And i guarantee you will forget about it until you go to sell stuff and then it's "damn, i can't drop the item now because it's been an hour."

Ubisoft has a giant flub on their hands and players are starting to doubt if they will continue playing, some just in fear of losing their character, others because they've already lost them. The glitches are tiring in a game that's usually a pleasure to play but this might be the the straw that broke the camel's back for some. For me, my game is still intact but for how long who knows. I still enjoy the game but the annoyances are piling up. Get it together, Ubisoft.


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